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Why Primary Partners?

Primary Partners is an integrated group of high performing, independent, primary care physicians participating in various value based contracts. We are dedicated to providing quality, coordinated care, creating a positive patient experience and improved health outcomes, while reducing growth in healthcare expenditures. We support physicians in maintaining independent practices.

What Is Primary Care Services membership model?

Primary Partners now offers Primary Care Services membership under a membership model where a practice offers patients a full range of primary care services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care and care coordination for a flat monthly recurring fee. The services are provided under a membership contract.

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Complete program roll out and Membership management that includes:

  • New Member enrollment
  • Management of membership roster
  • Collection of monthly membership dues
  • Minimal management fee
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Why Primary Partners Primary Care Services?

The Primary Care Services membership model enables a provider to:

  • Increase patient engagement because patient is invested
  • Improve outcomes due to patient engagement
  • Reduce cost with real care coordination
  • Build trusting relationship by providing 24/7 access
  • Reduce overheads by reducing insurance claims submission and rejections
  • Less administrative burden due to reduced insurance compliance for claims approval
  • Increase cash flow with monthly recurring membership fees
  • Generate higher revenue compared to traditional Fee-For-Service contracts
  • Receive appropriate compensation for all primary care services provided by you and not just for care provided during office visit

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